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Dr. Bill, Generative Art OG


Dr. Bill Kolomyjec has been involved in Generative Art from the very beginning of the form. As one of the earliest pioneers of the medium he started making computer art in the early 70’s.

Hard Copy

Discover Dr. Bill's unique collection of 15 postcards showcasing his generative art, and a limited number of original plotter prints created at Michigan State University during his MFA/PhD era, 1974-1981.


Dr. Bill has been pioneering the medium of Generative Art since the early 70’s. His Plotter Art Collection includes 1/1 NFTs that come with original prints made back then. His Generative Art Vending Machine is the newest project he’s actively working on. And there’s more!

Events & Media


A Tail

State-of-the-Art Computer Animation circa 1975-6. A collaboration between an Artist/ Graphic Design graduate student (Bill Kolomyjec) and 2 Computer Science students (grad student, Christopher Scussel and undergrad student, David Knight).



Dr. Bill’s foray into AI art

Exploring MidJourney in unique way, and marvelling at the results. Recorded live on Mar 1, 2023



Dr. Bill Turns 75

Dr. Bill Turns 75 on November 12, 2022.


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