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Dr. Bill Kolomyjec has been involved in Generative Art from the very beginning of the form. As one of the earliest pioneers of the medium he started making computer art in the early 70’s.


Dr. Bill has been pioneering the medium of Generative Art since the early 70’s. His Plotter Art Collection includes 1/1 NFTs that come with original prints made back then. His Generative Art Vending Machine is the newest project he’s actively working on. And there’s more!

Events & Media


Dr. Bill Turns 75

Dr. Bill Turns 75 on November 12, 2022.



Generative Art Retrospective 11.20.2021

Dr. Bill takes the audience of an NFT Art event in Toronto on the generative art journey, from the 70’s until now.



Morning Squeeze Twitter Space, Jun 7, 2022

Bear jokes and Generative Art NFTs chat with Michael Rippe at the Morning Squeeze space.


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