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Dr. Bill Kolomyjec has been involved in Generative Art from the very beginning of the form. As one of the earliest pioneers of the medium he started making computer art in the early 70’s.


Dr. Bill has been pioneering the medium of Generative Art since the early 70’s. His Plotter Art Collection includes 1/1 NFTs that come with original prints made back then. His Generative Art Vending Machine is the newest project he’s actively working on. And there’s more!

Events & Media


Dr. Bill live with The Sensei, 06.07.2022

I visit the DOJO of The Sensei to chat about how it was creating computer art in the 70’s and all things NFTs, Art and Life.



Abstract Artists & NFTs, Jun 3, 2022

I made a guest appearance on this Abstract Art NFTs Twitter Space hosted by abstract artist Alisha Anglin. We talk about my journey as a computer artist, and all things generative / abstract art and NFTs.



Hypnotic Squares Tutorial

One of my early artworks, Hypnotic Squares, was featured in this Generative Artistry series of interactive tutorials exploring ideas and techniques used in Generative Art.


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