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Generative Art Vending Machine

Generative Art Vending Machine

Dr Bill’s Generative Art Vending Machine is a custom application where you can mint Generative Art Tokens of my work. Like a vending machine you select an “algorithmic snack”. Our interface allows you to “generate” your own variation based on your interaction with the algorithm. Save off the variations you like, and ultimately, pick and mint a unique image (NFT) of your own. All algorithmic snacks are original implementations of algorithms by yours truly. Some of these algorithms go way back to the underlying code for my original plotter drawings back in the era, 1973-1981. Some of the algorithms were inspired by other image makers. We were a small group at the time, and we influenced each other.

As an intellectual exercise I can study a particular artists’ work and codify his/her methodology or style. Most influential to me were OP artists like Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley, graphic artists like M.C. Escher, as well as a few painters like Picasso and Warhol. Many of these artists lived and worked before the advent of Generative Art and did not use computers. However, when I look at their efforts, I attempt to conceive an algorithm to create a derivative work. I call it “Art”ificial Intelligence. Along with this collection of algorithmic snacks I am continually inspired to write more.

Enjoy your snacks!

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