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Computer Art and Learning Career

Pioneered computer art at MSU. Taught engineering graphics, computer graphics, and computer art at OSU. Started the Electronic Media program at NIU as an Associate Professor of Design. Worked at Pixar as a RenderMan™ Evangelist and International Marketing Manager. Marketed and developed edutainment products based on Toy Story characters. Worked at Anderson Consulting as a Learning Architect designing graphics for multimedia training products. Designed E-Learning graphics and managed projects at Accenture Learning. Taught E-Learning, Web Design, and Interactive Media classes at the Art Institute of Tampa. Taught Digital Media classes at Saint Petersburg College. Promotes legacy and creates Generative Art in retirement.

Largo, Florida (Artist / 2020 - present). Generative Art Design, Development and Production, Computer Graphics/Computer Art Advocacy and Legacy activities.

Saint Petersburg College (Adjunct Faculty / Professional Trainer / 2013 - 2020). Digital Media instruction. Instructor Lead Training (Media Applications)

Art Institute of Tampa (Adjunct Faculty / 2010 - 2013). Digital Media instruction.

Accenture (Senior Graphic Designer / 1998 - 2009).
Led projects and supervised other graphics artists in the design and production of the visual components for learning products and other marketing collateral and display materials. Contributed to the visual design and usability of learning products and learning management systems.

Pixar (Marketing / 1989 - 1997).
Contributed to the design of successful Pixar Interactive “edutainment” products (Toy Story Animated storybook and Toy Story Activity Center educational CD-ROMs) by doing market research, focus groups and developing age appropriate games. Established an international distribution network for Pixar application products consisting of approximately 30 dealers in 15 countries which resulted in approximately 15% of shrink-wrapped product sales for the company. Promoted RenderMan™ photorealistic rendering and special effects software as an emerging computer graphics technology to prospective OEM clients, third party vendors and presented at a variety of marketing venues.

Northern Illinois University (Associate Professor of Design / 1985 - 1989). Promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in four years. Introduced technology into the Design curriculum. Created a new program called Electronic Media.

The Ohio State University (Assistant Professor of Engineering / 1981 - 1985). Taught Engineering Graphics courses: Mechanical Drawing, Descriptive Geometry and Technical illustration.

PhD, Higher Education and Administration, Michigan State University. East Lansing, MI. 1981
MFA, Graphic Design, Michigan State University. East Lansing, MI. 1975
BFA, Industrial Design, Michigan State University. East Lansing, MI. 1969

Professional Development
Visiting Scholar (post-Doctorate), Graduate School of Education, University of California at Berkeley. Berkeley, CA. 1997.
Participant Saint Petersburg College - Corporate Training HIgh Tech Training (HITT) Grant Training. Certificates: Java Web Programming Certification Training, Java Programming Class 1, Javascript, Agile Development. 2014.

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