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Algorithmic Plotter Art, 1974-1981

Algorithmic Plotter Art, 1974-1981

I've been involved in many aspects of computer art/computer graphics. First as a student and pioneer of the medium at Michigan State University (MSU). Followed by several years of professing engineering graphics, computer graphics and computer art at The Ohio State University (OSU). Followed by being called upon to start a program at Northern Illinois University (NIU), College of Visual and Performing Arts, School of Art, Department of Design called Electronic Media, where I was an Associate Professor of Design.

This collection presents the original plotter drawings (pen on paper) programmed in FORTRAN, executed on a CDC6500 mainframe computer and an offline Calcomp 936 drum plotter. Done at Michigan State University during my MFA/PhD era, 1974-1981.

Each NFT comes with an original print of that era, of which only very few remain.

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