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Banana Cone

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This was my very first computer graphic image I considered an original work of art. Both figures were initially drawn by hand, transferred to graph paper then converted to a list of coordinate pairs. Care was taken to make sure each figure had the same number of points and lifted the plotter pen in the same location. I used linear interpolation to make the transformation between the two figures. The full images were placed a certain distance apart in the plane of the paper on both ends. The Banana was at zero, the ice cream cone was at one. If I wanted to get an in-between image, I would use the computer and a linear interpolation algorithm to compute the in-between figure based on a fraction between 0 and 1. For example a fraction of 0.5 would give me an in-between that was 50% of one figure and 50% of the other, and its location would be exactly in the middle between the two figures. After several attempts I carefully choose the in-between fractions not leaving the transformation to chance.

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