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Coming And Going

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This drawing uses the Goose figure from a set of hand-digitized representational images. The full set consists of: Goose, Frog, Fat Cat and Elephant. I often used these interchangeable figures in my early works. Coming and Going is the juxtaposition of two spiral configurations. The digitized figure of a goose is drawn at function-based intervals tangent to each curve at the interval. Also, as the figures are drawn along each curve they are scaled up in the middle and down at the ends. Where the curves overlap, as one curve ends, the figures are rotated so they continue their flight path out into the second curve. Hence they come in on one curve and go out on the other. This notion is amplified by the fact that the figures are at their smallest size at the ends of the curves. This piece was inspired by the works of M.C. Escher.

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