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Horizons was an image intended as a wedding present for friends. The couple were Mormons and seagulls have some significance to them in their faith. At the time I wasn’t quite sure what marriage was about, but it seemed to me that it was about a commitment as a couple to move off together into the future. To me the future lies on the horizon. The representational image of a seagull was first drawn on graph paper and hand-digited for this image. The spacing between each line of seagulls is determined by mathematical function (sinusoidal interval). I.e., the viewer is looking sideways (perpendicular to the axes of the cylinder) at the bottom half of a cylinder. A random number of seagull images are randomly distributed on horizontal lines relative to their size to maintain an illusion of perspective. The same function was also used to determine the scale of the seagulls on each line. The horizontal lines on the bottom are a mirror image of the quarter cylinder (the top quarter of a cylinder). The viewer is drawn unknowingly to the horizon (into the future) which lies between the converging curved surfaces.

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