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Image Transformation Study

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This was a proof of concept drawing of an algorithm I created for changing one image into another, where I stored all the line segments that make up an image (in this case a set of vertical and horizontal lines) into two arrays. Think of it as two bags of line segments. Then, over the course of some number of frames (numFrames) I juxtapose one image on the other. For one frame I build one image, randomly picking out a percentage of the line segments (1/numFrames). Then I overdraw the second image, complete at first, by subtracting some number of line segments in subsequent frames. For example, for an 11-frame sequence: First frame 100% of image one, 0% image 2. Second frame 90% of image 1, 10% of image 2. Third frame 80% of image 1, 20% of image 2. Until frame 11, 0% of image one, 100% image 2. I used this algorithm as the basis for my work entitled: That Walleyes’ Got a Lotta Gull.

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