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le Morté de Beardsley

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le Morté de Beardsley is a carefully designed image. I wanted to pay homage to Aubrey Beardley based on a Dover book of his illustrations. I was very inspired by his illustrations and wanted to introduce some of his style into my nascent medium. I found this in Google about the book: It was Beardsley's first major commission, and included nearly 585 chapter openings, borders, initials, ornaments and full- or double-page illustrations. The majority of the Dent edition illustrations were reprinted by Dover Publications in 1972 under the title Beardsley's Illustrations for Le Morte Darthur. Aubrey Beardsley died at age 25. le Morté de Beardsly is based on the illustration of a peacock. I was getting better at programming, so I tried a few things with this image. Some of the image was digitized by hand. That data was used to attempt a hidden line algorithm that did not render the lines behind the peacock’s neck. I had to carefully compute those intersections. The key to the image is the peacock’s eye. All the feather designs align to the eye of the peacock, always returning the gaze of the viewer back to the eye. This had to be calculated and adjusted by another algorithm.

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