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Struggle between Good and Evil

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M.C. Escher demonstrated this algorithm by employing traditional media and interlocking figures in his “square limit” graphic works. I don’t claim to be on par with Escher but I had a computer to do my drawing. I devised an algorithm (described below) and designed two interlocking hand-digitized figures: an angel representing good and a bat-devil representing evil. The image is designed to be hung on a 45 degree angle to keep these forces in balance. Ambiguity of Limits is a very specific form of spatial organization. All math and no randomness involved. The idea is that central figures are surrounded by half size versions of themselves. In turn that ring of shapes is surrounded again by half size versions of those figures, etc. In theory this could go on forever and you would never reach the outer limit. However, a practical limit is reached, and the process stopped when the area to draw the scaled version of the figure is smaller than the nib of the pen.

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