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That Walleye's Got a Lotta Gull

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I had the idea to do a bird-fish transformation with digitized data. I already had a hand-digitized figure of a Seagull from another project, so I designed and hand-digitized the representational image of a Walleye. (Why? I used to go fishing for Walleye with my cousin.) I created a unique algorithm for this transformation. Since each image was stored as coordinate data, I could break each image into its component line segments. I constructed one image by randomly choosing line segments and drawing those, and superimposing the other image over the first, randomly deconstructing it a line segment at a time. Over the full transformation I proportionately added line segments from one image and removed line segments from the other. For example, for an 11-frame sequence: First frame 100% of image of the bird, 0% of the fish. Second frame 90% of the bird, 10% of the fish. Third frame 80% of the bird, 20% of the fish. Until frame 11, 0% of the bird, 100% of the fish.

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