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Twist - SOLD OUT

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This was a surprising variation of one of my earliest Generative Art pieces, Organic Illusion. Organic Illusion is a regular grid of square tiles. Each tile consists of a square with its perimeter divided into the same number of points of the circle it contains. Randomness determines the placement of the circles’ center relative to the center of the square. The method where the points between the two shapes are connected creates a 3D illusion. Twist uses the same configuration of a circle in a square divided into the same number of points. This time the circle is not randomly translated, rather it is fixed in the center of the square. The coordinates that make up the sides of the square and the perimeter of the circle are stored in arrays. Using a linear interpolation technique to move from one point of a figure to the other I manipulate the array indices of the circles’ data producing a happy, but unexpected result. Twist is a true Op Art piece. It messes with your mind. If you try and hang it on the wall it always looks crooked.

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